Approximately 7,128 Kenyans commit suicide every year. This translates to 20+ people every day. WHO states that approximately 1.9 Million Kenyans are depressed. What if this number can be reduced drastically?

Most depressed patients are at the risk of committing suicide and in our country Kenya, most people cannot afford counseling. Due to the rising pressures of life, most young people fall victim to mental disorders such as depression and some ultimately commit suicide.

Think through this depressed jobless young lad who has tarmacked for the last five years and all his peers are flaunting with holidays and rich lifestyles. Think of this young girl who just got heartbroken and is suicidal. Think, what if they had someone to talk to? Gave them a bit of encouragement? How would it feel if you saved a life?

Mind My Mind is officially making an open call to Psychology students and counseling experts who are willing to save lives by offering free counseling (To be mostly done on WhatsApp and occasionally through calls) to people who desperately need it.

Mind My Mind is also a support group for people who are directly and indirectly affected by mental disorders. We have a WhatsApp group where we share more about us and what’s ailing us and another for Counselors who aid in talking to young people who cannot afford professional counseling.

All interested persons are to send an email to introducing themselves and telling us how they can plug in. We would appreciate if they accompanied their CVs as an attachment. Those that will be selected by Mind My Mind will be sent an e-contract to sign, will have an e-training on the guidelines to follow, will be added to Mind My Mind WhatsApp group(s) and have their emails configured to fetch and respond to emails from

Send us an email today! Share this post and poster with someone who might be interested in this. Help us save lives.

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